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The Ben Richard Memorial Award

2016 Winner - Ian Henderson, Charlottetown, PEI

The Ben Richard Memorial Award is presented each year to an individual who has enjoyed many miles of open highway with the wind in their face. Ben Richard was a Moncton native who was an active rider until he was in his 90's. His passion and longevity for riding is thought to be unmatched in New Brunswick. Ben passed away a few years back but his treasured Harley Davidson is still on display each year at ATLANTICADE. We know his spirit for adventure and socializing with fellow bikers is present during the festival.

So if you know someone who has many years in the seat and many miles on the road please send us a nomination email with some details on why this individual is deserving of this, our most Prestigious Atlanticade Award. The winner will be chosen just prior to the event and presented at the Awards Breakfast. (Note: Nominee must be someone attending the event).

Previous Winners

2015 - Keith Anderson, Moncton, NB
2014 - Skip Bearisto, Summerside, PEI
2013- Harry Watts of Kitchener, Ont
2012 Winner - Zeke Eaton of Summerside, PE
2011 Winner - Trapper Cane of Drayton, Ont.
2010 Winner - Merritt Keith of Saint John, NB

2009 Winner - Warren (Smokey) Schella of Moncton, NB

2008 Winner - J.P. Arsenault of Moncton, NB

2007 Winner - John Johnson of Moncton, NB

The Rino Fournier Memorial Award 

2016 Longest Distance Rider - Male - Patrick Duplesis, Langdon, Alberta

The Rino Fournier Memorial Award is presented each year to the rider who travels the greatest distance to attend the event. Rino was a riding buddy of Ben's and together they put many highway miles behind them. Rino made several trips from his Moncton home to the west coast and was a regular visitor to Laconia. His grandson Matt Hicks, son of ATLANTICADE chairman Dale Hicks, was strapped on his grandfather's Harley before he could walk. Matt purchased his own ride in the summer of 2010 and shares the love of the open rode while remembering his grandfather who died of cancer a few years back.

So if you are coming from “far away” as they say, then please drop by the registration desk during the event and submit your name for consideration. This Award is also presented during the Awards Breakfast.

Previous Winners

2015 Winner - George Toms, Florida
2014 Winners - Bill Reynolds, Cold Lake AB (Canada)
and Steve Price, Memphis, Tenn (USA)
2013 Winner - Barry Leclair of Fort Nelson, BC
2012 Winner - Ira Rosnel of Alaska
2011 Winner - Alan Ginsbury of Vancouver, B.C.
2010 Winner - John McInnis of Manitoba, Alberta
2009 Winner - Jeff Vint, Alberta
2008 - Paddy Tyson of Ireland


2016 Winner - Myrna Bragg, Eastbrook, Maine, USA

2015 Winner - Julie Sculland, Pakenham, Ontario
2014 Winner - Cathy Caseley, Mill Bay, BC
2013 Winner- Nicole Munns of Brantford, Ontario
2012 Winner - Hazel Ibbs of Campbell River, BC

Show and Shine "Best-in-Show"

Guy Savard, Montreal, Que, 2013 Harley Road King

Still Running After All These Years

Graig Ward, 1958 Ariel Cyclone

Parade of Lights - Big Bikes and Little Trikes

Big Bike Winner - Troy Lohnes, Halifax, NS

Little Bike Winner - 4 year old Mikael

2016 Prize Winners:

Bikers Battle Breast Cancer Event - 2016 650S Kawasaki Vulcan - Dave McMullin, Moncton

$1,000.00 Irving Gas Card - Mike Clements, Scoudouc, NB

Rodd's Hotel and Resorts Travel Voucher - Nycole Baillargeon, St. Georges, Quebec

10 - Atlanticade 10th Anniversary Parts Canada Grand Prizes (value >$1000.00 each) consisting of a Scala Rider Q3 Communication Multiset; a WASPCAM Tact Video System; an Air Force Blaster Side Kick Dryer; an AMPZ Plus Power Supply Hard Case:
1)  Greg Rice, Dundas Ontario
2)  Jim Liddy, Lawrencetown, NS
3)  Tim Longdo, Allardville, NB
4)  Bob Martin, Kentville, NS
5)  Michelle Manning, Moncton, NB
6)  Ben Fieuz, Hamilton, Ontario
7)  Earl Hudson, Digby, NS
8)  Tim Parker, Weldon, NB
9)  Irene Knowles, Moncton, NB
10)  James Finn, Halifax, NS
Congratulations to all!

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