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June 22 - 25, 2017 - Celebrating 11 Years!

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Members of the Blue Knights and Red Knights will be teaming up to host a “Canada 150 – First Responders Salute” on the evening of June 24th as part of ATLANTICADE 2017.

The event, which is open to all motorcycle enthusiasts and the general public, will be held in Riverview on the site between the RCMP and Riverview Fire Department. It will feature motorcycle displays, police and fire vehicles, music, as well as cake and ice cream to celebrate Canada 150.

Activities will commence on Saturday evening at 6:30 pm and continue until 8:00 pm followed by a parade of motorcycles from the location across the Gunningsville Bridge to downtown Moncton.

Spokespersons Rick Nicholson and Steve Crawford, from the Blue Knights and Red Knights respectively, both feel the event is an opportunity for the public to interact close up with members of both the police and fire departments.

“The combination of motorcycles, police vehicles and fire trucks will make it interesting for everyone, especially the kids” says Nicholson. “It will be a great way to incorporate the general public into the motorcycle rally”.

Crawford agrees saying “every time we can get a chance to interact with the kids gives them more of an understanding of the role first responders play in the community plus it also helps enhance the image of bikers with the public”.

Members of the Red Knights and Blue Knights in attendance at a recent ATLANTICADE festival.